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The sport of scent work is based on the principles of professional detection dog tasks. Dogs are trained to locate a specific odour and effectively communicate to their handler that the odour has been located. Scent work is an ideal exercise for all breeds and is highly conducive to dogs with various challenges including the older dog, deafness and dogs with missing limbs. It is also a great sport for reactive dogs.

Your dog's sense of smell is their most powerful and important sense. By introducing your puppy, adult or senior dog to the sport of Scent work they will enjoy a meaningful activity along with physical and mental stimulation. Scent Work is fun and interactive for both you and your dog, and it will strengthen the bond that you already have with each other.

Your team consists of you and your dog and you can practice scent work as a leisure activity or you can compete in trials as Scent Work is an ANKC registered dog sport. There is no expensive equipment to buy and you can practice practically anywhere, anytime and in any weather. You can also train on or off leash.

So if you would like to come and join us in this exciting and growing sport and give your dog some fun and mental stimulation please contact us.  

ANKC Scent Work

Scent Work was established in WA in 2021, with the first trials held in Gooseberry Hill in September 2021 with 26 competitors. It is the fastest growing dogs sport in WA with trials held in 2022 regularly reaching almost 80 competitors. There are 4 types of searches (also known as Elements). These are Exteriors, Interiors, Containers and Vehicles.

The specific target odours used in a trial can be one or more of the following; Birch (Betula lenta), Anise (Pimpinella anisum), Clove (Eugenia caryophyllata)
Cypress (Cupressus sempevirens).

Currently, there are five levels to compete at.

Novice - In this class there is 1 odour to find with no intentional distractions. To obtain a Novice title you need 6 Novice qualifying certificates, of which you must have at least one qualifier from each element.

Advanced - In this class there is 2 odours to find with one non-food distraction. To obtain an Advanced title you need 9 Advanced qualifying certificates, of which you must have at least two qualifies from each element.

Excellent - In this class there is 3 odours to find with two distractions - non food or food. To obtain an Excellent title you need 12 Excellent qualifying certificates, of which you must have 3 qualifies from each element.

Masters - In this class there can be anywhere from 1 to 3 odours to find with three distractions -non food, food, human or mimic. To obtain a Masters title you need 12 Masters qualifying certificates, of which you must have 3 qualifies from each element.

Ultimate - In this class there can be between 3 - 10 odours to find.  The search area is between 200 - 500 sqm and three out of the four elements must be included - interiors, exteriors and at least one other element - vehicles or containers. You need 5 Ultimate qualifying certificates under 3 different judges to obtain this title

Time limits for these searches can range from 1 to 15 minutes.