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I could write an essay on why I would recommend Perth Scent Work. If you are reading reviews and you are looking for the one place that will not only set you up with strong foundations in scent work but also provide you with a safe environment for you and your dog, you should speak to Tracey. As someone who has a dog who can be a "sensitive boy" with humans and dogs, but was wanting to join a class that would not only mentally challenge him but also be fun I can honestly say Tracey went well above and beyond to help Atlas and I settle in.We have learnt so much, have so much fun, and our relationship has grown so much stronger. I can't thank or recommend her highly enough. Her achievements with her own dogs are amazing and give further testimony to her experience
Where to start!!! Tracey has such passion, knowledge, instinctive knowing of how to help each individual dog and handler problem solve and celebrate each success making learning easy and fun!
Small classes to give in depth, structured instruction and each team can learn from watching the other teams - (one dog at a time) with constructive feedback and opportunity to put that feedback into practise - so valuable! Each week builds on the previous session keeping us challenged and motivated with various criteria to keep our dogs interested -As part of a team of 4 handlers it has been wonderful to see each of the dogs develop their own style and how they have blossomed and can’t wait to ‘get in there’
Tracey competes at the highest level in this sport so not only does she ‘talk the talk’ - she ‘walks the walk! Tracey also runs very professional, realistic practise trial runs at every level. Thank you Tracey - can’t wait for the next sessions to start. Woofs and squeaks Acer (and Gill)
Just finished our beginner class and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Tracey explains and demonstrates the exercises expertly and I was amazed at how quickly we progressed. Highly recommend anyone that would like to try something new that is fun and interesting for both dog and handler. Really looking forward to continuing in our scent work journey .
Hux the Clumber Spaniel has just finished Beginners. We loved it, learnt so much, laughed and had fun. We will be back for more. I highly recommend this course to all dog/ handler teams.
Maliboo and myself have just finished the intro course to nose work - no idea what either of us were doing. With Tracey’s structured and expert guidance we have a solid foundation to scent work and had an absolute fantastic time of it. Loved the small groups and being able to learn from others and see how each individual dog tackles the tasks.I can’t recommend Tracey more highly, passionate yet patient, knowledgeable yet humble.
I currently attend personal lessons with my two dogs which are both at different levels in scent. Tracey is such a quick thinker and problem solver and gives great advice. Her scent work area is also fantastic. highly recommend to anyone.